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Accidental or Arson ?


Richard J. Keyworth

It is often said “Firefighters walk where the devil dances.”

Author Richard J. Keyworth stands 6’6” tall and his courage and commitment to fighting and investigating fires stand even taller. His account of 14 of the innumerable fires he investigated will intrigue, inform and educate fellow firefighters and law enforcement professionals. Because fire is mystical at times and practical at others, “FIRE’S Accidental or Arson?” will also entrance the general public. His investigations will twist and turn and take place in likely and unlikely locations. Readers will be as interested in the investigative process as the investigator’s cohorts and the investigator himself.

            The real names of the perpetrators and the victims do not appear in Keyworth’s manuscript, as a courtesy to those who have tragic memories and to those who were charged with arson and either convicted or acquitted. Their stories are told in an entertaining manner; Keyworth is an attention- gripping story teller. Flip up the sides of his fire helmet and he is “Sherlock Holmes”.

            “Fire’s Accidental or Arson” invites the reader to stand inside incinerated buildings and follow Keyworth and his expert associates as they explore the evidence and determine the cause. The conclusions of his scientific investigations will illuminate the guilty and absolve the innocent. “A fire investigator is a finder of the facts and a seeker of the truth” says Keyworth. “A single circumstance does not cause the fire, it is a series of events and circumstances which come together to cause a fire”. It is this series of events and circumstances which leads him to the true cause of the fire. He brings over 40 years of experience as well as countless hours of education and training to this book. Mr. Keyworth is a consummate professional.